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HSM SECURIO P44i CC-4 - 1,9 x 15mm Aktenvernichter

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The HSM SECURIO P44i is an impressive 1.9x15mm Micro Cut document shredder and is the Highest... mehr
Produktinformationen "HSM SECURIO P44i CC-4 - 1,9 x 15mm Aktenvernichter"

The HSM SECURIO P44i is an impressive 1.9x15mm Micro Cut document shredder and is the Highest Capacity Departmental Shredder on the market. With an innovative IntelligentDrive motor and a high-resolution touch screen display making it the perfect choice for large working groups and entire departments. The innovative touch screen IntelligentDrive control panel allows the user to choose between ‘silent’, ‘standard’ or ‘performance’ operating modes for destroying data efficiently and comfortably. It also features intelligent paper jam correction, that recognises if too much paper has been fed in and reacts automatically. The ‘silent’ mode reduces the operating noise level compared to the standard model so shredding can be performed in offices without disturbing other staff close by, and for increased shredding speed simply switch to ‘performance’ mode. The special motor technology will produce up to 40% increased performance compared to the ‘standard’ mode for a period of time, which is perfect for those extra special high capacity shredding jobs. The HSM SECURIO P44i has an automatic safety device that switches off if pressure is applied to the safety element and a handy internal automatic oiling system which ensures the correct amount of lubricant is distributed to the cutting rollers to guarantee consistent optimum performance. Please note that for shredders with integrated oilers it is recommended that HSM oil is used, which can be purchased in handy 5 litre canisters. The filling level of the large removable, reusable waste bag is displayed through an inspection window. This machine is manufactured in Germany. The HSM SECURIO P44i machine is very simple to use. It has a high degree of energy saving due to the stand-by mode and an automatic switch-off. A powerful motor allows for continuous operation. With a quiet operating sound and attractive functional design, the HSM SECURIO P44i fits into any style of office without disturbing the operator. The HSM Securio Shredders are designed for longevity so rest assured as you are fully protected with HSM’s unique, extended Fully Comprehensive 3 Year Machine, and LIFETIME WARRANTY on the solid steel cutting rollers. All Securio models also feature ‘EcoSmart’ Technology which takes the low power energy consumption in standby mode to just 0.1 watt of electricity, whilst leaving the document shredder permanently ready for use at any time. Due to the EcoSmart’ Technology HSM have recently been awarded the prestigious, ‘THE BLUE ANGEL’ award, for enhanced energy efficiency therefore protecting our environment and climate.

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Modellreihe: SECURIO
DSGVO Konform: Ja
Schnittgröße des Papiers: 1.9x15mm MC
Schnittgröße des Papiers (Filter): Feinschnitt
DIN 66399 Sicherheitsstufe / Papier: DIN P-5
Blattkapazität: 25 Blatt
Blattkapazität (Filter): 20 Blatt +
Tagesanforderung: 2500 Blatt
Schnittgröße der Datenträger: E-4, F-2, O-4, T-5
Einfüllbreite: 400mm
Einfüllbreite (Filter): A3+
Auffangbehälterkapazität: 205 Liter
Auffangbehälterkapazität (Filter): 200 Liter +
Schnittgeschwindigkeit: 6 Meter/min
Geräuschpegel: 66 dB
Motor: 2600 Watt
Dauerbetriebszeit: 24 Stunden
Dauerbetriebszeit (Filter): 24h Dauerbetrieb
Abkühlzeit des Motors: entfällt
Spannung (V/Hz): 230/50
Abmessungen (B*H*T*): 700*592*1025mm
Gewicht: 111kg
Zerkleinert: CDs/DVDs, Disketten, Heftklammern, Kreditkarten, Pappkarton
Herstellergewährleistung: 3 Jahre
Schneidmessergewährleistung: Lebensdauer
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