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Intimus 130 SP2 - 3,8mm Aktenvernichter

Intimus 130 SP2 - 3,8mm Aktenvernichter
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  • ITIN225101
The Intimus Pro 130 SP2 is a 3.8mm, 25 Sheet Strip Cut Office Shredder and is a multi functional... mehr
Produktinformationen "Intimus 130 SP2 - 3,8mm Aktenvernichter"

The Intimus Pro 130 SP2 is a 3.8mm, 25 Sheet Strip Cut Office Shredder and is a multi functional machine with a host of features that destroys paper, staples, paper clips, credit cards, CD/DVD's and Floppy Disks. The machine is supplied with a user friendly removable waste basket for easy emptying of shreds within its compact design. The Intimus Pro 130 SP2 Shredder is made from shock resistant recyclable plastic and supplied with a manufacturers 30 year limited cutter guarantee. Also supplied with DLS Dynamic-Load-Sensor which informs the user how much to shred by detecting the paper volume as it is fed into the cutting unit and illuminating a light strip in the throat area like traffic lights to eliminate paper jams. It has a strip cut security Level of P-2 and comes with Silentec® technology; an innovative tool that eliminates noise by dampening sound, allowing the machines to be used in busy offices without disturbance. The Intimus 130 SP2 also features an i-control® function button and a combination user lock for added security protecting the shredder against unauthorized use. A service information feature ensures reliable, long-term operation, by informing the user when the door is open, when the bin is full or if the motor overheats.

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Schnittgröße des Papiers: 3.8mm Streifenschnitt
Schnittgröße des Papiers (Filter): Streifenschnitt
DIN 66399 Sicherheitsstufe / Papier: DIN P-2
Blattkapazität: 80g/qm 20-22 Blatt
Blattkapazität (Filter): 20 Blatt +
Schnittgröße der Datenträger: O-2, T-2
Einfüllbreite: 405mm
Einfüllbreite (Filter): A3+
Auffangbehälterkapazität: 130 Liter
Auffangbehälterkapazität (Filter): 100 Liter +
Schnittgeschwindigkeit: 8,4 Meter/min
Geräuschpegel: 54 dB (A)
Motor: 1100 Watt
Spannung (V/Hz): 230/50 V/Hz
Abmessungen (B*H*T*): 660*1020*430*mm
Gewicht: 60 kg
Zerkleinert: Büroklammern, CDs/DVDs, Disketten, Heftklammern, Papier
Herstellergewährleistung: 2 Jahre
Schneidmessergewährleistung: 30 Jahre
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