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HSM SECURIO B26 HS-6 -1 x 5mm Aktenvernichter

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The HSM SECURIO B26 High Security is a new, stylish and power efficient high security shredder... mehr
Produktinformationen "HSM SECURIO B26 HS-6 -1 x 5mm Aktenvernichter"

The HSM SECURIO B26 High Security is a new, stylish and power efficient high security shredder suitable for use in Medium Sized Offices requiring to shred paper documents that are of the highest importance.

The HSM SECURIO B26 High Security comes complete with a special Energy Management Control System (EMCS) that switches the machine into Energy Save mode automatically whilst operating all functions with one single control key. In the event of a paper jam, the SECURIO B26 HS kicks into reverse automatically saving operator time and effort. Alternatively, you can press the R button if you wish to operate the reversing function manually.

Features of the SECURIO B26 High Security include an exceptionally quiet running motor for use in busy offices, a transparent front window allowing quick and easy viewing of container shredded waste capacity and level and a large waste container to extend the interval between emptying, saving time and money.

The SECURIO B26 High Security automatically switches to energy-saving mode 2 minutes after use and automatically switches on again if paper is placed in the entry throat. If not used for 4 hours the machine switches off completely eliminating all power consumption.

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DSGVO Konform: Ja
Schnittgröße des Papiers: 1x5mm Partikelschnitt
Schnittgröße des Papiers (Filter): Super-Feinschnitt
DIN 66399 Sicherheitsstufe / Papier: DIN P-7
Blattkapazität: 4 Blatt
Blattkapazität (Filter): 1 Blatt +
Tagesanforderung: 1000 Blatt
Schnittgröße der Datenträger: F-3
Einfüllbreite: 280mm
Einfüllbreite (Filter): A4+
Auffangbehälterkapazität: 55 Liter
Auffangbehälterkapazität (Filter): 50 Liter +
Schnittgeschwindigkeit: 3.9 Meter/min
Geräuschpegel: 56 dB
Motor: 580 Watt
Dauerbetriebszeit: 24 Stunden
Dauerbetriebszeit (Filter): 24h Dauerbetrieb
Abkühlzeit des Motors: entfällt
Spannung (V/Hz): 230/50
Abmessungen (B*H*T*): 497*397*676mm
Gewicht: 28kg
Zerkleinert: Papier
Herstellergewährleistung: 3 Jahre
Schneidmessergewährleistung: 3 Jahre
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