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Rexel Mercury RES1523 - 6mm Aktenvernichter

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  • ITLE2105015EU
The Rexel Mercury RES1523 Shredder which has been designed for individual executive use in a... mehr
Produktinformationen "Rexel Mercury RES1523 - 6mm Aktenvernichter"

The Rexel Mercury RES1523 Shredder which has been designed for individual executive use in a departmental or large office, provides everyday security by cutting wastepaper to 5.8mm through the hardened cutting cylinders, and features full Jam-Free technology with continuous sensing to avoid downtime during the shredding process. The RES1523 has a large sheet capacity by taking up to 16 sheets of 70gsm or 15 sheets of 80gsm paper documents at a time, whilst also shredding CD’s and DVD’s, credit cards, staples and paper clips, and destroys sensitive waste to 6mm strips meeting DIN security level P-2 for general security requirements. The Rexel RES 1523 can fit up to 190 shredded sheets in its compact 23 litre easy to empty pull out waste bin which uses handy recyclable bags, and has a low noise level of less than 65DBA, and a run time from cold of 12 minutes (8 minutes after use) with a 40 minute cool down time if required. There is an auto cut out when bin open and the bin is full and the period of Warranty is 2 years.

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Schnittgröße des Papiers: 6mm
Schnittgröße des Papiers (Filter): Streifenschnitt
DIN 66399 Sicherheitsstufe / Papier: DIN P-2
Blattkapazität: 16 Blatt
Blattkapazität (Filter): 10 Blatt +
Tagesanforderung: 250 Blatt
Schnittgröße der Datenträger: E-3, O-2, T-2
Einfüllbreite: 225mm
Einfüllbreite (Filter): A4+
Auffangbehälterkapazität: 23 Liter.
Auffangbehälterkapazität (Filter): 10 Liter +
Schnittgeschwindigkeit: 2 Meter/min
Geräuschpegel: 65 dB
Motor: 350 Watt
Dauerbetriebszeit: 12 min
Dauerbetriebszeit (Filter): 10 min +
Abkühlzeit des Motors: 40 min
Spannung (V/Hz): 230/50
Abmessungen (B*H*T*): 269*471*413mm
Gewicht: 7kg
Zerkleinert: CDs/DVDs, Heftklammern, Kreditkarten
Herstellergewährleistung: 2 Jahre
Schneidmessergewährleistung: 7 Jahre
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